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Atlas Asimi 1m

From £2,500.00

This cable from the Atlas range has charmed, amazed and impressed all that have heard it.It adds precision and clarity to the overall reproduction but without losing timbre and that is the mark of a truely outstanding high end cable.

Audio Research Audio Research VSi 75 Intgd Amp

Audio Research's baby integrated power amp, the VSi75 is a 75 watt KT 120 valved amplifier.It sounds lovely and sweet and powerful as you would expect from Audio Reseach.

Audio Research CD 9 Ref CD Player/DAC

I always thought the CD7 in 2005 was one of the most musical CD players around.But with the advent of the Reference level valve based CD8 we had to rethink what was possible.

Audio Research CD6 CD Player

This player from Audio Research continues and betters the bench mark set by the CD5.In other words to play back CD's with stunning resolution,dynamics and musical naturalness.

Audio Research LS17SE

VT Line Stage Pre-amplifier.  A-V Loop, SE-I/O, Bal-I/O.

Audio Research LS27

Hybrid JFET/tube stereo line stage with remote control.This the latest incantation of this level preamp with the LS25 and LS26 being it's predecessors.

Audio Research PH6 phono stage

This sonically superior phono stage has taken over from the PH5 and 3 which ran for 9 years and was universally liked.But all good things come to an end and now we have the PH6.

Audio Research REF 150 SE

This is the second iteration of the 150 watt/ch fully balanced XLR only only design from Audio Research features the new KT 150 valves which they will major on in future designs.The blistering performance has been extended all round.
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